Susie Sharp Inn of Court


Justice Susie Sharp at the North Carolina Supreme Court

The Susie Sharp Inn began in 1993 under the leadership of Chief Justice Burley Mitchell.  The concept was to have regular meetings at which selected trial and appellate judges, seasoned attorneys who had distinguished themselves at the Bar, younger attorneys seeking networking and inspiration, and promising law students would gather to share a meal, participate in an educational program, and engage in dialogue about the profession, ethics, and practice of law.

The Inn is named for Chief Justice Susie Marshall Sharp, North Carolina’s first female Supreme Court Justice.

Justice Sharp was born in 1907 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and grew up in Martinsville, Virginia.  She graduated with honors from the UNC School of Law as the only woman of the Class of 1929 and passed the bar in 1928, just before her third year.  She was also editor of the North Carolina Law Review and a member of the Order of the Coif.  Justice Sharp served the Court for 17 years as Associate and Chief Justice.

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The Susie Sharp Inn of Court was proud to honor our most recent female Supreme Court Chief Justice, Sarah Parker.

Justice Parker has been a longstanding and dedicated member of the Inn of Court. She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill School of Law.  Justice Parker became Chief Justice in 2006 and retired from the bench in 2014 after a distinguished term of service.



Distinguished Inn members who are current or former members of the Judiciary include:

  • Former Chief Justice Sarah Parker
  • Former Chief Justice Burley Mitchell
  • Chief Justice Cheri Beasley
  • Justice Sam Ervin, IV
  • Justice Mark Davis
  • Justice Michael Morgan
  • Former Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals Sid Eagles
  • Former Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals John Martin
  • Former Court of Appeals Judge Linda Stephens
  • Court of Appeals Judge Lucy Inman
  • Court of Appeals Judge Valerie Zachary
  • Court of Appeals Judge Allegra Collins
  • Former Chief Resident Superior Judge Donald Stephens
  • Former Superior Court Judge John Jolly
  • Former Special Superior Court Judge
  • Former Inn President and Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour
  • Inn President and Superior Court Judge Becky Holt
  • Superior Court Judge Howard Manning
  • Superior Court Judge Graham Shirley
  • Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins
  • Superior Court Judge Keith Gregory
  • Former District Court Judge Jane Gray
  • Former District Court Judge and Former Clerk of Court Jennifer Knox
  • District Court Judge Pat Devine
  • District Court Judge Ned Mangum
  • District Court Judge Debra Sasser
  • District Court Judge Margaret Eagles
  • District Court Judge Christine Walczyk
  • District Court Judge Jefferson Griffin